new year’s eve treat

January 1, 2008

i haven’t noticed it but i think it’s been a four-year old personal tradition already that i have a movie marathon every new year’s eve. last night it was the x-men trilogy. i have watched the 2nd installment before but it was my first time to watch the 1st and 3rd ones.

during my grade school days, i was a big fan of the cartoon series of x-men. i used to pretend i was jean grey. and i had a crush on cyclops. but later on i became more of a storm fan. last night while watching the movies, wolverine was the character i liked best. not just because of the fact that it’s played by one of my favorite actors but also because his character is just amazing. outdoorsy type who can be like a father but says he treats you as a friend. cool.

so while the whole world was busy and noisy i was in front of the tv. been 4 years now and it was only last night that i realized it became kind of a personal tradition. may appear kind of anti-social to some but it’s fun really.

akimashite omedetou gozaimasu!


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