one thursday afternoon

February  28, 2008

about a quarter before four, my microbiology class, the last class for the day, had ended. i don’t know what exactly came to my mind but i suddenly felt like walking. so after walking out of the door of the laboratory i checked the sky and since it was a nice, cloudy and windy day, i decided to walk from my college to the bus stop outside campus. on an ordinary, typical thursday i would have felt too tired to walk and would’ve just taken a jeepney til the gym where i can ride another jeepney until capitol.

i turned on my mp3 player and turned up the volume until i can enjoy drowning in music. perfect. favorite playlist playing. string quartet versions of alternative songs. just outside the college i walked on the street in front of UP IS. i looked at all the kids playing and remembered my grade school days. my school was a lot wider. the grounds where you can play just about any game would probably contain two and a half to three football fields. i remember playing patintero, sipa and siato, the three most favorite games while waiting for my sundo during those days.
and then i turned right to the street between CASAA and the educ building. i was thinking  whether i’d walk through the street between AS and FC or walk through the lagoon. and on a whim, i chose to walk through the paths passing by the lagoon. while traversing the acad oval, the wind was blowing in a way that reminds you of autumn. well there’s no fall here in the philippines but it can be likened to that since the leaves and petals of the flowers where falling from the trees and they were scattered almost everywhere. and then i thought about how nice it is to have such a campus having wide beautiful grounds and lots of trees. then i played the what if game. what if i decided then to study in ust? i would’ve been a microbio major. the labs and facilities would probably be a lot better. and then i could ‘ve feasted my eyes on the old buildings and other antique things there. but then, there’d be frequent flooding in Espanya during the rainy season and even probably inside the campus. what if i decided then to study in la salle? i really liked the fact that i would have been a biochemistry major. one of my teachers in chemistry during high school was a graduate from la salle and he was really very good in research and laboratory stuff. i wonder why he chose to teach rather than work in a company as a researcher. but then, we didn’t have enough money to pay the fees there. and also, i found the place congested. i didn’t like the environment in taft when i took the entrance exam there. so while looking at the sunken garden and the looming trees i just thank God for having led me to this school.

and then i continued to walk. as i reached the other side of the acad oval, i decided to walk through the street between the university theater and the college of music. surprisingly, to my right, i saw the old bells of the carillion, just sitting on the ground. they looked really old and i thought, “these bells saw a lot of historical events happen here in UP.” and i guess they’re part of those events themselves because i read in an article in the collegian that the bell tower became something of a fortress to the student activists in the days of dictatorial rule. if only i had a camera with me. walking on, i saw to my left some students practicing playing the guitar and i thought of my dream then to take up music as my course in college. in a freer world, where i need not think about whether my course can give a job where i can earn a living, i would have pursued a course in music. or literature. i stopped for a while and looked at the students practicing their instruments and thought i was happy just knowing that there are brave people in this world who dare defy the mold dictated by society.

moving on, i was at last just about a few hundred meters away from the bus stop. and then i saw to my right the track oval where several students were practicing baseball. last summer, i became a fan of the NY yankees thanks to the influence of a brother. i was glad then to understand a bit about what to me was a complex game with many rules and intricacies. it was really fun watching baseball games with him because i had someone to explain to me even the small details that affect everything that happens in a game.

just a hundred meters more. fifty meters more. twenty five. and finally i took a jeepney and went home. i enjoyed how a walk can break the monotony of everyday routine. and i know that as i was walking and thought about all those things He was there pointing out how good His plans are even though at first we can’t see where He is leading us. i feel whole and secure just knowing that as i walk through life He is beside me, leading and guiding.


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