it was a sports clinic and yet it was so much more than that

May 24, 2008

4 days straight of learning the basics of basketball, volleyball and soccer, practice games, huddle time, the tournament and yet it was really so much more than that…

for me, the past 4 days proved how God continues to be faithful in keeping his promise of making everything new for me. sports… it’s really a new thing for me in a sense that i’ve never really been into it except for watching games on tv or on local sports events.

it all started in those saturday afternoon soccer games where everybody can just join in even if we don’t know a thing about it. the only two things everybody has in common are the interest in learning how to play correctly and of course, fellowship and fun together. and then before i knew it, there came a point when i really wanted to learn the basics and maybe more than that.

so i saw the sports clinic as an answer to that need. of course i didn’t expect myself to become an expert after the clinic because i know that i’m the type of person who’s really slow when it comes to learning skills in sports. maybe that’s why i’ve never really pursued it before, because of the pessimistic thoughts i have. maybe i didn’t enroll in summer sports events when i was a kid because i really had that negative point of view of not being able to do well in sports and i didn’t see myself having fun doing it. although i really am a big fan of the nba and the pba. weird huh. but now, after going through this clinic and seeing all the particpants who are mostly from 12 to 16, i found myself wishing i should’ve started playing when i was a kid.

the whole 4 days of G.O.A.L. were really fun. many things happened but the one i know i’ll never forget was the soccer game yesterday (may 23). we played in the rain and we used three balls so there was really a lot of action happening. nobody cared if they slipped or outrightly slid in the mud. everyone just really played all out and we looked liked kids playing in the rain. after that, some of us even played volleyball even though the rain kept pouring. everyone was barefoot and the water in the court was almost ankle-deep. what a site we were.

even this day of the final games turned out to be really fun. after having disappointments and frustrations in the first volleyball game i didn’t think i’d enjoy the day. the second volleyball game was a learning experience for me not only in applying the skills we learned in volleyball but more importantly that of winning beyond competition. i wasn’t really competing with the other teams or any other person other than myself. it was really against myself that i was having a war against. war against my negative thoughts, disappointment toward other people, and frustrations from the situation we were in. i found myself feeling frustrated with myself for not getting anything right and frustrated that the distribution of varsity players among the teams was not accounted for. but then God made me learn after the second game that if only i was more relaxed and not such a negative thinker then He can work more freely in me. an even bigger rebuke was the soccer game where we won 5-1. somehow i saw our team as the least among the three because i think we had the least number of varsity players but then God let me see how He can do things through the least, the small. we only had two players among the original team members who are good in soccer but still that 5-1 happened. and God really worked through the small because most of the score was made by the smallest and youngest in our team, Tyron.

i also saw the effectiveness of teamwork during the soccer game. when nobody wanted to be the goalie, i volunteered . problem is i didn’t know how to make a long pass or make an effective block all the time because i’m afraid if the shot’s really fast or is close to my face. but then my other teammates really did a great job in keeping our defense solid. so i didn’t really have a hard time. and because of that solid defense our team was ”up court” most of the time so the attackers had a heyday playing offense.

overall, i really had fun. and i didn’t think i’d last like this for 4 days straight of nothing but sports.

talk about winning beyond competition. so it was a sports clinic, but then, it was really so much more than that.


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