July 25, 2008


this morning i woke up with most of my dream still clinging to my mind. it had seemed so true it was like an alternate reality that only began slowly melting away as the bright sunlight slowly filtered through my barely opened eyes.

it has been a while since i had a dream like this; one that went with me through the whole day. even the warm feeling it gave was there, lingering in my mind as if what happened in that dream was really true.

last week the lecturer in one of my classes, as he was talking about sci-fi films and suspension of reality in movies, talked a bit of something about dreams. that we only remember those parts of the dream which we like. those which we can accept as something like reality. the others we can’t remember since they’re too much for the mind to bear as reality. he said we’d get crazy if we’ll remember everything from a dream. psychology stuff..

so i wondered, if i can remember those details from my dream, does it mean that i want those things to be part of my reality?…

much as i would want to stay in this state of bliss, i know that by tomorrow this would be gone. from the moment i’d  fall asleep tonight i know this alternate reality would leave. so i am writing it all down. maybe because i want to remember it all as i read this in the future.

talk about being sentimental.



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