i’ll always remember

Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your NAME and RENOWN are the desire of our hearts.  -Isaiah 26:8

today i woke up at about 6am and immediately i felt a smile forming in my lips for i still remember vividly how God has let me experience how it is to worship Him in all abandon. to experience listening to His word preached in an unconventional way and yet rooted and grounded to the very words found in the Bible. to experience praising, worshipping, singing with all that’s within me with so many of my brothers and sisters around.

today i woke up and last night felt like a very beautiful dream. but i thank God it is more than that. it was a real experience He gave me. then words just came out of me and i prayed to Him, just worshipping Him and praising Him.(it was all silent though for everyone around me  was still asleep.) how sweet it is to seek Him and meet Him in the morning before anything else.

and then i remembered His promise, “I am making everything new”. He’s faithful to His promise. Ever since that verse spoke to me last January, He has been letting me experience new things in life, He has been making me experience Him in a new light, like never before.

that conference is not called Passion Conference for nothing. truly God has used the lives of the people in their team to touch, change, challenge, and inspire the thousands of Filipino believers who were there last night. He’s going to use them to bring His message to anywhere they will go.

yes i’ll always remember. and my prayer is i’ll always live life this way: Lord, (I) show (my) trust in You by obeying Your Laws; (my) heart’s desire is to glorify Your Name. (personalized version of Isaiah 26:8 from NLT)




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