bubble tea

August 4, 2008


at about 12:30 this afternoon, i went out to go to the mall and buy (finally, after so many postponements) the snorkel and mask i need for my p.e. class. and after having made my purchase, i suddenly remembered a place i have wanted to go to before with my family. but they always complain when i suggest that place: “there you go again with your japanese-food, japanese-culture, japanese-everything quirks.” so we never went.

and so i went there alone after buying the stuff i need. i first looked at the large menu board they have outside and checked out the prices and upon finding that i will be able to afford something i then went inside.  “Irasshaimase!” came the greeting of the waitress. nice. so they greet you in japanese here, i said to myself. after scanning the menu board at the top portion of the counter, i ordered jasmine milk tea. i’ve only tasted milk tea and jasmine green tea separately before so  i thought maybe they’d be a good combination. i sat at a cozy corner where i can see most of the resto. i liked what i saw. i even wished i had a camera with me. the place was beautifully lit, colorful in a minimalist way. the plush, white leather seat and the white table make a nice contrast against the soft colors of the decors in the wall and the lights above.

my order arrived after about 3 minutes. i took a small sip of the milk tea and one word came to my mind: heavenly. it was sweet and creamy yet light and refreshing. jasmine really is a good flavor for tea. you do have to experience it for yourself. i took my time drinking while looking at the place around. i noticed that the sun finally came out. it was cloudy when i stepped out of the house. and a wind sweeps by shaking the leaves of the potted plants outside the store. i was in the ground floor of a mall and yet it felt like i was in the middle of a garden. the drink costs 80 pesos. but i felt i got more value in exchange of that. there’s nothing like discovering a place where you know you’ll always want to come back to.


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