what i learned about (and from) the Thessalonians on Paul’s first letter to them

December 13, 2008

  • that they were a commendable church
    • faith, hope, love (1:3)
    • steadfast despite persecution (1:6)
    • their lives shone for Christ (1:7-9)
    • they looked forward to heavenly/permanent things (1:10)
  • God has set mentors/spiritual parents for us just as He gave Paul to the Thessalonians (2:8, 11-12)

“We need people who are disciplers, coaches, counsellors, sponsors, or teachers who will mentor us to deeper spiritual maturity. We need spiritual fathers and mothers who will be real with us and walk with us into greater Christlikeness.”*

    • Are you a spiritual orphan who needs a mentor? Or maybe you can already be a spiritual father or mother.
  • truth begets truth [especially in leadership] (2:4-6, 13-14)
  • our brothers and sisters are our glory (2:20)
    • especially if we had grown together, we helped them grow, or they helped us grow
    • we may be away from one another but we can always PRAY for them
  • that they were a loving people (3:9-13)
    • Christianity – relationships of love – loving God, loving others
  • they lived to please God (4:1, 9-10)
    • these pleasing lives are appreciated and honored by people around them (4:11-12)
  • be sober [all because we have hope for the future] (5:6-8)
    • Matthew 24
    • encourage and build each other up (4:18, 5:11)
  • work together
    • love and respect leaders (5:12-13)
    • warn the lazy (5:14)
    • encourage the timid (5:14)
    • take tender care of the weak (5:14)
  • be joyful (5:16)
  • pray (5:17)
  • be grateful (5:18)
  • do not stifle the Holy Spirit (5:19)
  • He who called us is faithful. He will bring these things about. (5:23-24)

Why am I sharing this to you? Simple. (5:27)

I hope you can read the whole of 1st Thessalonians. Let this outline just be a guide. It’s not by any means complete. There are many other things we can learn from them.

(*p.374, Daily Devotion: Asian Reflections)



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