i am making everything new. -God

January 15, 2009

that was my year verse for 2008 and God has been faithful in fulfilling His words. you see, i always knew that He knows and is concerned about every detail of our lives and not just our Christian walk. but then, i’ve also looked at Him always as somewhat of a strict dad who was concerned only whether i did things correctly and didn’t mind much if i was enjoying life or not. but i was proved VERY WRONG. He was the one who wrote out our days even before we were born and last year He has let me experience that He really is the one orchestrating the events in our lives, be they important and big or just-the-ordinary-everyday things. He really stayed true to His words.

“I am making everything new!”. (Rev. 21:5)

He let me experience that firsthand. He gave me new things and also renewed many others in my life. i am writing this down as some sort of a milestone marker, so that i’ll always remember 2008 as the year in which God made everything new for me.

it’s my first time performing solo in a concert (sort of). on a post-valentines event.     i was not born a performer. i’ve always had stage fright since i was a kid. i’ve experienced song leading in worship services before 2008 but that wasn’t performing. i’ve even sang in a wedding december of 2007 but that’s also different. so this was really something new. just singing for the sake of entertaining an audience. that was really tough. even during practice, i had a hard time singing because i was nervous. there weren’t even 10 of us that time. so during the first 2 minutes of singing at the event, i was really really nervous but then i tried to think of happy thoughts and just like peter pan i was sort of able to fly.

i became a soccer fan! who would’ve thought that when all my life i’ve only been watching basketball? after just one game that i’ve tried to play, i’ve come to really like it. and now i’m missing soccer-Saturdays. i hope we can play regularly again especially nowadays when the weather’s getting cold. think it’d be really fun playing soccer.


new language! after almost a year of self-studying (since summer2007) i was finally able to have formal classes in Japanese last summer and during the first semester. i don’t know why but Nihongo is music to my ears. a lot of people are wondering why but I really want to be fluent in Japanese. hontou ni nihongo ga daisuki! in case you want to read my first japanese essay:

first international concert that i attended: PASSION Manila! this was a life-changing event for me. it’s something i’ll always remember. “Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your NAME and RENOWN are the desire of our hearts. ” -Isaiah 26:8 3

diving. this is awesome! i’ve always known how to swim but it’s really an entirely new thing with the mask, snorkel and fins. and He allowed me to attend our culmination activity in Batangas. i was able to experience up close the beauty of God’s creation under the sea. really awesome!


first cosplay! fun! we met so many celebrities(aka anime characters). super thanks to bmay, kuya carlo and ate shelby! 5

eureka moment! first time to write a song! it’s so cool to be able to make your own music. I’m not going to post the lyrics here though. Title of the song is I don’t mind.

1st time to experience recording! as in, in a studio. This was quite an experience. I haven’t thought it would be so… detailed. Now I know why it takes months or years to complete an album. there are so many things to do. From setting up everything to the recording itself and even all the post-recording stuff. But it was really fun. there’s this weird feeling as you get to hear your recorded voice. Good, weird feeling. Thanks to kuya matt, kuya alfie, kuya jp and dabertte.
(we’ve no picture for this though.)

first surprise party ever! In our family, it’s unusual to have surprise parties so I was really touched with this special event from my DGmates. And because of the theme, it really looked like a send-off party (though I’m not going to Japan any time soon). super thanks girls!(this year wouldn’t have been like this if you didn’t let me join your circle.9

first time to go ice skating! really cold at the rink but this was really fun! 6

first time to have formal guitar lessons. when we were kids, our parents really wanted us to learn the piano so we had piano lessons then, my sister and i. but I really get sleepy reading notes then. And I didn’t want to play the piano. I just liked listening to others playing. It’s really the guitar that I’ve always wanted to play but the lessons only happened now. but better late than never! Thanks to zoilo who introduced me to my teacher. Meet Aaron sensei. 7

1st time to go to the beach on December. dec.29,2008. our family, no, our clan went to Pagudpud. It was like summer while we were traveling. Soaked up the sun thus the darker complexion though it’s only January. 8

These and many others are the things that God made new in my life. And one thing that I really want to share by posting all of these is to show that God does want us to enjoy life. That if we’ll just let Him, He’ll show us the things He wants to do in our lives. That if we just count our blessings, we really have more than enough.


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