a night at the theater

July 4, 2009

One of the things I love about being a UP student is being able to watch plays where you get to have almost a hundred-peso discount on the ticket. When one still has GE subjects, usually they require you to watch some plays and then submit a reaction/critique paper. Well, I’ve missed that because the past 2 years have been filled with major subjects. So before this semester started, Gay and I agreed to watch plays since this is our last year of university life, God willing.

Tonight’s show was Floy Quintos’ Atang, which told of the life of the sarswela actress, kundiman singer and national artist, Atang Dela Rama. What a performance it was! Upon, entering the theater, I was immediately struck by the beautiful stage setting. And during the duration of the play, it came alive with a really beautiful lights setting.

I loved the kundimans which were accompanied by piano, violin and cello. Walang sinabi ang opera ng mga taga-kanluran sa kundiman nating mga pinoy! And now, I’m even wishing to have a copy of all the songs in the play. Live performance of our very own chamber music. I’m wishing I could attend more events with music like this.

I also loved how the story of Atang was told. Her life as an artist really was portrayed in a way that her craft, her art came alive again. Even the story of her love, though it was not the happily-ever-after sort of tale, is I can say, one of the charms of the play.

It was not only the play itself which made this night exceptional. Because this particular schedule was the one where not only those who were required by their subjects can watch, there were many VIPs around. Floy Quintos was there himself, director Wenn de Ramas, actors DJ Durano, Albert and Liezel Martinez and their eldest daughter. We were even seated a few seats away from Franco Laurel. Well, it wasn’t really the best seat in the house because he was the announcer (“inihahandog ng Dulaang UP…”) which meant we were seated right next to the sound booth.

Aside from the fact that I had noisy seatmates at my right during the second part of the play, I had no other complaints.

The show was really great. I hope you, reader, can also watch it. But if you’re not a UP student, I think you have to pay 200 or 250 pesos for 1 ticket. Though I think it’s not a problem if you’re rich. It’s really worth it. I’m sure you’ll love it too. Call me sentimental but it was the only play I’ve watched which moved me to tears. And did I mention the music was really beautiful?


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