I listen to rain pouring down as I have my time with God tonight. It hasn’t rained for quite some time and the very sound of it refreshes me.




All of these I feel as I listen to the rain. Ah.. what a blessing from God. I then remember a statement from science classes since grade school. Water is the universal solvent. It earned that title because it can dissolve most solutes. Other solvents can only dissolve a limited number of solutes. Water of course has its limitations. Being polar, it is not a good solvent of nonpolar solutes. But still, it holds that title of being the universal solvent because it can dissolve, not all solutes, but most of them. But the Savior I have, the One who created water, can dissolve/cleanse all sins in a person’s life if one chooses to believe in Him. Water.. amazing. And it’s just one of His creations.

I focus on His words. “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” I commit it to memory. I drink deep into it. It washes over me and I feel cleansed. Refreshed. The dry parts of my being quenched. The physical water that He created is amazing. The water that He gives.. I can’t even begin to describe it.

The rain continues to fall down. I listen. I feel. Then I remember a conversation from before..

“Ganyan pala nagagawa ng ulan sayo. Nakakatapos ka ng kanta.”

“Oo noh. Eh ikaw? Sabi mo kanina maraming sinasabi ang ulan sayo. Ano mga sinasabi nya?”

“Yung ulan. Parang tunog ng madaming, madaming palakpak. Pakiramdam ko na-aaffirm ako.Tsaka yung ganito kalakas na ulan, nagpapaalala sakin na powerful talaga Siya. Kung kaya Niya pabuhusin lahat ng tubig na to sa isang lugar, ano lang naman yung patapusin Niya ako sa pag-aaral. Sisiw lang sa Kanya yun.”

“Ang galing naman. Naririnig mo lahat yun.”

How long ago was that already? I can’t recall. Now I am at the brink of finishing school and yet things seem surreal. I know I put a lot of effort and expected to be almost finished now but there’s a third draft to be done. I hope that talking with the adviser tomorrow will make things clearer.

I listen again. I’m quieted. I listen for a long time.

Living water.





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