mikee’s 18th

March 3, 2011

Dear Mikee,

I was supposed to sing another song after “You Belong With Me” during your party. I was supposed to play the guitar while singing but I wasn’t able to practice it even once so I didn’t continue with it. I even had a spiel I made while washing my laundry the weekend before the 19th. You know me, laundry time is thinking time. Late last week, I thought of writing it here.

“One of the characters Mikee and I really love is Mr. Darcy. (His name pronounced, of course, in British accent.) We both love Pride and Prejudice, the book and the 2006 movie. Matthew Macfadyen is really adorable and Keira Knightley is just amazing as Elizabeth Bennet. We talk about Mr. Darcy, we write about him, we swoon as we recall lines from the book or scenes from the movie, etc. etc. So Mikee, you’re now 18. Pretty soon Mr. Darcy will come walking your way.. probably even at dawn like he did in the movie. When he does, he’ll probably sing it to you. But for now, it’ll just be me singing it for you.”


So that’s the Darcy song I was telling you about. Hope you like it.


Ate Cherry


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