the switchfoot experience

May 1, 2011

I’ve waited for months. Ever since I heard they were coming here, I knew I had to see them. Not so much to watch as to LISTEN.

Last night was one of those few moments in life that touch you to your very core. Music and poetry have a way of doing that to anyone who was shaped to appreciate them beyond the senses. And one is left with an echoing of not just sights and sounds but of moments and memories.

Hello hurricane! You can’t silence my love!

Your love is a symphony. All around me. Running through me. Your love is a melody. Undermeath me. Running to me. You’re love is a song.

When it feels like my dreams are so far, sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.

We are one tonight!

We’re awakening!

I made a mess of me. I want to reverse this tragedy.

Love is the final fight!

There is no sound louder than love!

We want more than this world’s got to offer. We want more than the wars of our fathers. ..Everything inside screams for second life!

I’m learning to breathe. I’m learning to crawl. I’m finding that you and you alone can break my fall. I’m living again..

Hallelujah! I’m a wretched man. Hallelujah! Every breath is a second chance!

Where can you run to escape from yourself? Where’re you gonna go? Salvation is here! I dare you to move!

Poetry, right? They’re beyond mere lyrics.

But of course we can’t remove the fact that we’re fans. We also did some things that real fans do.  Smile. Giggle. Swoon. Head bobbing. Head banging. Jumping up and down. Scream. Sing. Take lots and lots of pictures.

Wrote “WE (heart) JON FOREMAN” in our hands and a big red arrow in an arm (Nash’s), showed it to Jon and screamed like crazy when he nodded to us.

Got his half-empty water bottle after the concert and joking with one another that we’ll get his song writing and guitar skills because of drinking from it.

Crazy fans. Yeah.

So how we’re we able to do these? We had front row seats, dead center. It was one of the surprises of the night. I knew we were at the front row but I didn’t expect we’d be at the very center because when I reserved our tickets, I just did it over the phone. I looked at the sitting plan before calling but I didn’t know about the numbering scheme. I just hurried and made the reservation because I heard there were only 4 VIP tickets left. So when we showed our tickets to the usher, we we’re so surprised when she directed us right to the very center. There were people sitting in our place already so the usher went to get a security personnel and talked with the people and we thought there was going to be a skirmish but they couldn’t do anything because they didn’t have their tickets with them. Maybe they just got there through connections. Surprise surprise.

We also had our expectations on what songs they were going to play. We thought all of them were going to be from the Hello Hurricane album. We were waiting for Needle and Haystack Life and Enough to Let Me Go but they didn’t play these. But then they played old favorites. Gone. Dare You to Move. Learning to Breathe. Stars. Only Hope. And when you’re right in front of Jon Foreman playing his acoustic guitar to Only Hope, even though there are screaming fans around, you just stare at him and listen and feel and think, “Para akong hinaharana”. And the whole song washes over you as the whole band joins in. Yes, I am sentimental.

I could go on and on about details but nothing beats the fact that all of this was experienced with friends. Through our generous parents who were generously blessed by the God of overwhelming surprises and blessings.


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