the fall (gungor)

This. This is who I am.

This is who we are.

And until we acknowledge it to be so, we are running away from the truth, refusing to hear what He says, “Turn your face to me.”

The Fall

by Gungor

The Fall, the Fall, Oh God, the Fall of man,
The fruit is found in every eye and every hand,
Nothing, there is nothing yet in truest form,
We walk like ghosts upon the Earth,
The ground it groans.

How long? How long will you wait?
How long? How long till you save us all, save us all?

Turn your face to me.

The light, the light, the morning light is gone,
And all that is left is fragile breath and failing lungs.
The night, the night, the guiding night has come,
Uniting lover with his bride more precious than the dawn.

How long? How long must we wait?

Turn your face to me.

Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent.. ~Rev. 2:5a


One thought on “the fall (gungor)

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  1. no. way.
    this is one of my favorite songs eva! just last night i wrote its contents on fb, b/c it was drilling itself into my consciousness *again.*
    such a power in turning my face to Him.
    where our strength lies, in spite of the pain.

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