nothing is sound

Dear Jon Foreman,

I first listened to Nothing is Sound in 2006 or 2007. I borrowed it from someone who thought I won’t be able to take its ‘noise’. He didn’t know I’m a big fan of ‘noisy’ stuff such as yours. After the first time listening to it I thought it was one of the most cohesive albums ever. Melody, riffs, beats, lyrics and all.

Fast  forward to now, two-eyes-opened later, I find that I really didn’t understand much of it before. Suddenly every word of it seems to shout out all that I’ve been refusing to talk about, with myself or with others.

Nothing is sound.

People always talk about freedom. Freedom to see. To feel. To be alive. I’ve wished that too. But do they really know what they’re wishing for? Do I? I realized that freedom and awareness are not for the faint-hearted. I’ve always wished for these but I didn’t know the weight they could bring. I realized my comfort does prefer for me to be numb*.

And I find that I’m scared and helpless in all of these-the cruelty, the utter wickedness of the world and of the self, the flesh in which every man still lives in whether slave of this world or otherwise.

Nothing is sound.

These days its lyrics have become for me the written/sung version of my thoughts – litany playing in my ears as I head out to work each morning because crooked soulthat I am, I find comfort in its ‘noise’ and grave-but-soaked-in-truth words. I feel that each song understands the weight I carry around these days.

I just wanted to say thanks to you, to Tim, to Jerome, to Drew and to Chad, for putting your heart out there, making music through the pain, the weight, the gravity of it all. Translating each throb and each wave of unsoundness into notes, riffs, chords, and beats, creating a symphony of chaos that’s pure and honest and beautiful. True to the pain and brokenness that’s part of reality but can only be acknowledged by those who are willing not to stay blind and numb.

Nothing is sound.

Through the cracks of our broken humanity you let hope shine. You echo the sound of reality and eternity.


Gratefully undone,





*C.S. Lewis Song

+The Shadow Proves the Sunshine


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