There have been days like this but I guess I haven’t written about them often enough. I usually write when I try to make sense of things, when I feel down, sad, tired, confused. Simply put, when life is generally ‘negative’.

Today started out ordinarily with me trying to rush out of the house. Typical Monday. I took note of the time from the wall clock above the mirror where I checked if I at least have a presentable appearance. 7:10 a.m. Just on time. But when I got to where I usually wait for a ride to work, lo and behold, a sea of people lined Commonwealth avenue. All the vehicles passing by were full. Breathe, I tell myself. It’s usually like this on Mondays, right? Only there are a tad more people this morning. I looked around me again. Maybe this was how the Israelites looked like when they were crossing the Red Sea?

Only a miracle could send me to the office before 8:30, before our first weekly departmental meeting starts. So I asked for one. And I asked God to help me overcome my unbelief because as I looked at the sea of people around, I felt like Peter as he looked out on the big waves and found he wasn’t walking on water anymore or the father of the boy with an unclean spirit when the disciples could not help him. The situation seemed impossible.

I walked some meters away from where I usually wait. I don’t do that everyday but this morning I just felt led to that spot some distance away from the overpass. There were still many people, more than from where I left. I checked the time again. 7:43. Tough break. I sent a message to my boss apologizing that I was going to be late. Sigh.

Message sent. I looked up from my phone and wasn’t quite sure I was seeing right. A van slowed down and stopped nearby. I checked. Empty and headed for SM North/Trinoma. Wow. I hurried towards it though I felt quite dazed with amazement. A van without a single passenger headed to where I was going. I sat gratefully and thanked God again and again.

I reached the office at 8:20. Ten-minute breather before the meeting started.

The meeting went well. We watched a video about 4 disciplines which can help an organization be more effective and efficient. As for our department we will start by learning how to work together more and be more accountable to one another. Our department head also added one more discipline to the four which we really need (and ought) to practice because in reality we really can’t control everything. That is discipline is prayer. We want our team to be praying more for our work and for one another.

We ended by praying together for an accreditation issue to be resolved. We also decided to share it during family time the next day so everyone can pray for it because it affects so many members of the school community. We felt desperate. It was something beyond beyond our control. The team, the school (in fact the whole evangelical community) needed a miracle.

The meeting ended and everyone prepared to start work. The visa liaison officer already went out for the day. After a few minutes, I received a message on my phone. It was from the visa coordinator. The accreditation issue has already been resolved. A fellow liaison officer who talked to the lawyer of the organization involved informed him about it. I stood there dumbstruck and a few more seconds passed before I told everyone in the office. Everyone’s jaw just dropped. And we laughed albeit with tears in our eyes just about to fall. We couldn’t believe how fast it all happened.

The answer was just minutes ahead but it didn’t come before God invited us to humble our hearts before him and just ask, trust and hold on to him.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to witness God’s work firsthand.

At lunch time we were telling one another about our weekends. One of us shared about his retreat on a prayer mountain. He said that recently he was always the one being blessed and encouraged by others so he asked God for an opportunity for him to encourage others. But because he isn’t one who starts conversations, he asked that this would happen without him needing to be the first to approach.

When he got to the retreat center there was someone who appeared like he’s about to leave. My officemate asked him if he indeed was leaving so the other person approached him and they talked. Pretty soon they were talking over lunch and my officemate found out that the other person was a missionary to China. Both were fellow burdened souls for the Chinese. My officemate enjoyed their talked and soon realized that he was the one again who was blessed. The other person told him then that he too was blessed so my officemate’s prayer was really answered. In fact that person also had the same prayer as my officemate so both their prayers were answered.

It was a day of answers for me. Not only in my own life but also for the people around me. And the best thing about it is being able to share the joy with one another.

I decided to write it down here so I can share my joy with you too. Whoever you are who’s reading this. I hope that whatever is happening right now in your life, you were encouraged with these answers.

Have you been receiving answers too? I’d love to hear about them.  


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