one last time

“Take a long, hard look at our city. This is the last time you’ll see it that way.. because we will set it on fire.”

More than a dozen pairs of eyes obeyed. One last look.

I wondered what each one was thinking as we looked out at the grey, foggy city. But I immediately dismissed this question in my head. I wanted to focus on what was in front of me. What is ahead of us.

A city on fire. It was hard to imagine not only because the rain was just beginning to let up but also because it looked so.. immense. And was it just me thinking that city life can be so cold and hard so that people living it become cold and hard themselves? 80 kids in a city with more than 3 million people (almost 20,000 in each kilometer).* The task seems impossible. It is impossible. But lately, I’ve been learning, experiencing, seeing that nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with Him. Question is, will we have the faith to go with Him on this all the way?

A whole city set on fire.. Can I even see this in my mind happening? But something inside me was burning even as I asked myself this. A heart set on fire, almost on the verge of exploding because of truths, commands re-revealed, re-seen, rediscovered. Point of no return.

And then something similar came to mind. A heap of stones with wood and a bull cut into pieces. Watered 3 times with 4 large jars. Everything dripping wet. The trench around the heap of stones filled with water.

A man prayed. Then fire fell from heaven and consumed everything on the altar and licked up all the water in the trench. And everyone around bowed down and said, “The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God.”+


He wants me, us, to pray like that man. He wants my heart, our hearts, to be like that altar. Then everyone around will see and hear and experience. And at last bow down and declare the same.

I think I’m beginning to see.. a whole city set on fire.


+1 Kings 18:30-39

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