truth thursday: i see you

We used to quarrel all the time when we were younger. I can’t remember now what our squabbles were about and why we even resorted to physically hurting one another sometimes. But I do remember the seemingly endless summer afternoons when we climbed that tree with our friends and pretended it was a spaceship of some sort, about to blast off to another world. I remember our DVBS days when you always were Best in Arts and Crafts while I would either be Best in Memory Verse or Most Behaved. But I don’t remember noticing these differences before.

I guess we’re polar opposites of one another and maybe that’s why we couldn’t seem to get along well before. Not that we don’t agree on anything. In fact, I think we have more than a few common favorites. It’s just that He made you the way you are and He made me the way I am and sometimes it’s hard for us to agree to disagree on some things. But over the years, I’m so glad we learned how to get along well. I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends.

These days I don’t get to see you as often as I’d want to. But it’s fine. You are pursuing your dream and as one of your biggest fans, I say, go on doing your best. But still, I miss having you here at home. I miss our Sunday morning talks and I miss bugging you each time you fall asleep reading your thick books and compilation of handouts. Sometimes it still surprises me that our college years are over. At the time, it all seemed to never end: exams, papers, experiments, reports, org events (for you), field work (for you again), enrollment woes, irresponsible group mates, terror professors. Thesis. But I believe you had a good time then. I’m glad you took up something you love to learn about. And that day, we were so proud of you when they called out your name on stage and added cum laude after it. You really deserve it because you remained humble and dependent on Him through it all.

Just a few days from now and it would be a year since you went to Canada for a conference. You’re first out-of-the-country trip at that. Wow! My little sister all grown up – a diligent student of medicine representing her group’s research paper to other med students and doctors from all over the world. I was so proud of you. Please know that I meant to tell you all of this then. But I didn’t exactly know how after facing one of the darkest days in my life. I was grieving for a friend and her family but at the same time I was rejoicing for you. It was all very confusing, a tragic loss and a promising milestone happening a few days apart of each other. Life is indeed full of paradoxes. Just like you and me, right? Opposites who were given a chance to embrace one another for who they are.

I don’t get to say it everyday and it would probably be weird to say it at all but I see you. Yes you. You, yourself, and not just the things about you. And right about now, I swear I could hear you say, “What? Weirdo!” And then you’d laugh  it off because you don’t like mushiness right up front. But this is my blog and I could be mushy all I want. So thanks for reading up to this point because I know you don’t like super long posts. And thanks for letting me call you weird names because it’s the only mush I know you can take.

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