Not These


Nothing will keep me from drawing near to You.

Not a foul mood.

Not an ill-timed conversation.

Not frustrations over not knowing how to share openly with supposedly the closest people to me.

Not seemingly lost important papers.

Not a delayed devotion schedule.

Not confusion over whether I made the right decision by staying.

Not my not having my own room so that I could really be alone with You.

Not the seeming pointlessness of struggling to keep praising You.

Not the lack of warm feelings in our recent conversations.

Not a still unestablished writing routine.

Not listlessness even after a boost of excitement over the weekend.

Not unfulfilled timelines.

Not a lack of things to say.

Not an overwhelmed mind on the chaos of life.

Not the slowly growing cynicism on things hoped for.

Not the unceasing noise of the city.

Not the erratic, unsteady rhythm of every day.

Not the greater burdens told by the news of wars and calamities and poverty and disease.

Not the seeming unenoughness of 24 hours.

Not these. Or even those I can’t seem to put a finger on.

Instead, I lay all of these down at your feet.

And just as I am, Father, I come before Thee.


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