A Jar of Thoughts

memory post

Back in 2007, while dealing with grief, I thought of doing something that might help assuage the waves of sadness that seem to come one after another no matter what time of the day or no matter where I am. I really haven’t thought of it as a therapeutic solution back then but I guess it was one of the things that really helped brought me closer towards healing.

One of the most difficult things back then was not being able to say the things I feel I wanted to shout out. To no one in particular. But I really felt I need to let them out of my head just to lessen its load of thoughts piling up. And so I decided to write those things on small pieces of colored paper, fold them up and place them in jar. I told myself that I’d give my jar of thoughts to the person if ever he decides to come back or throw it away in case I get tired of them. The latter happened which took about a year after I wrote the first note.

Talk about silliness.

But now, this little exercise might redeem itself from that. It just might be what I need. One morning, almost a week ago, while washing dishes, it suddenly came to mind while I was thinking of a way to start writing my first book. There. I’ve said it aloud. One of the big things I recently asked from God (which I’m currently still practicing because I realized I haven’t really done it before) is that I’d be able to write my first book before I turn 30.

What’s it gonna be about? Currently, it’s not yet put together and I’m also just letting it grow.

Now to look for a big glass jar, some colored paper and oh wow. I’ve lots of pens now from birthday and Christmas gifts. 🙂

photo by Pam Garnett (Creative Commons licensed)

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