Geeky Heart

There’s still time enough to choose

Who we are.



Mine is a geeky heart. I love school. I love classes. I love learning. I love enriching my mind. Learning something new or relearning something already forgotten never loses its appeal to me. So when classes opened today and I attended the first session of the only class I’m taking, you can just imagine how excited I was. And the best thing about it is I chose to take this class. No one pushed me to it. It wasn’t required of me. I simply knew I want to take it. I need to take it.

The class is called Bible Study Methods. It is a class about how to study a book. Usually, you study a certain subject and you use reference texts to learn about it. But in this class, we’re going to learn how to study the text. Our professor shared this as one of the unique qualities of the class. But why study about how to study a book? Well, it can only be because the book to be studied is special. Unique. In a league of its own. God’s very Word.

Sixty six books, forty authors, written over a span of 1600 years. These features alone say the Bible is not your average type of book. Yes, it was written by several men and yes, it was written over a span of more than a thousand years but you can never find a single contradiction within it. Many people, experts even, are skeptical toward it. Powerful men, kings and emperors, sought to destroy it. And many people nowadays just don’t care about it and say it is ancient and thus, irrelevant. A certain philosopher once predicted that it would be extinct a hundred years from his time but when he died, his own printing press was used to print stacks upon stacks of Bibles.

One other memorable illustration for me was the use of numbers – the probability of a person fulfilling the Messianic prophecies. The numbers were staggering and one can only conclude that it can only be God who orchestrated and fulfilled such prophecies. I was surprised to find myself drawn towards the use of numbers and scientific facts: probabilities and electrons and numbers in scientific notation. I’m beginning to see where I can use my background in the sciences.

The professor told us we will experience digging through God’s word for ourselves. He said there will even be moments when we will discover some things about it and ask if anybody else has found that too. I was exhilarated. The thought of personally discovering God’s heart and mind as he revealed it through His word was just too much for me to contain. I wonder now why I never thought of Bible reading and studying as that before. It was humbling. I was welling up and I could feel my heart soar. I fought hard not to let my tears fall. If anyone saw me at that moment, they would’ve seen how smitten I was. So taken with the lover of my soul who chose to reveal Himself through a tapestry of literature he, himself, authored. And I just knew right there. I was affirmed. My desire to be a writer, an author like him, was indeed from God. (I wasn’t expecting it from Him then. I always looked for some kind of affirmation to these writerly aspirations but I didn’t expect to get it through a class lecture.) So this is the face of God which He meant for me to reflect to the world. I know that whatever I’m going to write in the future, whether it contains God’s name or not, will have traces of him and of the literature through which he revealed himself.

Before the class ended, the professor reminded us that the method of studying the Bible that we are going to learn will feel unnatural and tedious at first. And just like learning any other skill, swimming or riding a bike for instance, we would learn best by doing it ourselves. And so he gave us lots of readings and assignments. But this only formed a smile on my lips. After all, mine is a geeky, bookish heart.


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