When was the last time you had an unspoken wish? You know… something you wanted to have or wanted to happen but didn’t utter anything about it. Not to anyone. Not even to yourself. It was just a thought that crossed your mind, a feeling that touched your heart for a moment and then was gone.

Well, I recently had one but I didn’t even know I was wishing for it until it happened.

Tuesday night last week. A friend called saying he had an emergency. Curious what this was about because he didn’t sound as panicky as in a life-threatening emergency, I bid him spill. He said he needs a worship leader for an upcoming retreat just a few days away. Usually, I’d ask all sorts of questions to get all the details first and then ask for some time to decide. I said okay almost right away and was surprised with my quick decision. But when I put the phone down I realized that a heart’s desire was answered.

Alone one afternoon in the room I share with my cousin, I was idly strumming on my guitar and humming from time to time to no song in particular, just enjoying the random hushed sounds. The songs came later. One song blending into another like water slowly poured out, making a calm, steady, refreshing rush.

I miss singing to God like this, was the one quiet thought.

Weekend came. I sang to God. I lead His children and those who are yet to know Him that day in worship. Simply, with just a guitar and with old, familiar songs but with voices eagerly lifted up, we worshipped God. I miss singing like this with God’s people but I think I’ve never done so before with such peace and quiet confidence that I didn’t feel I was in front of many people but was facing an audience of One. A heart’s desire, a wish come true.

I realized after this that God does hear and listen to the whispers of our hearts, even those that are too faint for us to recognize.


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