Planes and birds fly in confused circles on an orange-y pink sky at dusk. I try to breathe slow and calm my heart as I cool down from yet another afternoon run. I’m grateful to be back to running a few kilometers non-stop and I tell myself, “not bad” as I sit down on the... Continue Reading →



Oh rain, glorious rain, Why don’t you fall down in torrents now Like you do when I don’t want you to.   You always catch me off guard But when I’m willing for you to fall You don’t humor me at all.   Yesterday, I wished you'd visit But the sun shone So bright it... Continue Reading →

method to the madness

Black and grey On a rainy day Dressed lousy again Come 'round is Monday.   Pitter, patter Did my heart just shatter? Oh! It's Williams and White Getting me teary-eyed.   I want to stay and sleep And then read and weep 'Coz Mistress Mary Quite Contrary Is wanted by nobody.   Words brewing inside... Continue Reading →

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