My life so far, summarized in a thanksgiving list.. well-provided-for childhood having gone to the sea several times studied in the best schools restoration and healing each time I run away or get sick godly, loving and supportive parents sisters who are also friends intact family a job even before I graduated finishing my (undergrad)... Continue Reading →


redeeming grace

All our falls are useful if they strip us of a disastrous confidence in ourselves, while they do not take away a humble and saving trust in God. -Francois Fenelon

hello hurricane year

December 30, 2011 Hurricane #1: The Unfinished Thesis Seven years into college and the only thing left to do is finishing the dreaded THESIS.  After recently finishing a 10K run, I finally experienced what they always say; the most difficult part of the race is the last stretch just before the finish line. You're whole... Continue Reading →

the switchfoot experience

May 1, 2011 I’ve waited for months. Ever since I heard they were coming here, I knew I had to see them. Not so much to watch as to LISTEN. Last night was one of those few moments in life that touch you to your very core. Music and poetry have a way of doing... Continue Reading →


November 12, 2009 my adviser already told me before. but hearing it again feels like being stabbed in the heart the second time. overeaction? maybe. but i don't know why it hurts that way. after all this time. after all i've learned.. she told me already before. maybe 2-3 semesters ago. i wouldn't have a... Continue Reading →

an unforgettable weekend

March 15, 2009 a home away from home away from home. they're like my second parents (indeed i consider them my spiritual parents) but they're also my friends. they took me in like they would a lost kid (which i think i am). they listened to me as they would to a dear friend. they... Continue Reading →

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