Last night, panic attacked big time. I was tossed about by big, mean waves of doubt and strong winds of unknowing. I was not getting anywhere with my final paper for the Bible Study Methods class. I tried to talk with God before going on to read resources for the overview and background portion. I... Continue Reading →


from His to mine own heart

Dreams flash before my eyes on a Thursday morning ride when life suddenly slowed down on a week seeming not to end.   I'm left wondering why all of a sudden this place feels like home again I'm finally not outside looking in.   Is it another trick? It is another trap? Or is this... Continue Reading →


So now I have an answer to the "what" question. And to have arrived at an answer at all is a miracle in itself. Three years ago, in 2010, the year before I graduated from college, I knew for sure that I was not to be a food technologist. Something just wasn't right. Even after... Continue Reading →

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